Oct. 25: Pumkin Smash Portsmouth!  
Nov. 1: Final Outdoor Market  
Nov. 5: HERMANOS!  
Nov. 29: York, Maine  
Dec. 5: StoneChurch, Newmarket  
Dec. 6: Rollinsford, NH  
Jan. 8: Hermanos  
Jan. 9: Red Blazer  
Jan. 10: Exeter High School  
Feb. 1: Newburyport, MA  
Feb. 12: Hermanos  
Apr. 18: Lebanon, NH  
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Black and White

  New Record goes to Mastering on July 18!  
  KICKSTARTER was successful!
Thanks to all of you, FreeStyle Folk Fans.
  New record, "Raise You Up!"
Recording now at Rocking Horse Studios.

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